Living Intentionally: A Six Step Transformation

A transformation is the transition from your old self to your authentic self. Following the Six Step Transformation process will result in living with clarity and intention, thus motivating you to take responsibility for your life, stop blaming others, and making excuses for your present circumstances. 

Future blog entries will provide details about the Six Step Transformation process outlined below:

1. Discover your purpose

2. Identify what is not working

3. Elevate your consciousness

4. Be your own change agent

5. A call to action

6. Assess your progress

The steps to living with clarity that I share with you have changed my life. These steps are not new and have been learned and relearned throughout generations. I was fortunate to be at a place in my life that when I identified the steps that I knew to be true, I was ready to take action. Follow the six steps to unlock the great untapped reserves of potential which may be lying dormant. The steps are designed to empower you with the tools needed to find your purpose and live intentionally. The tools are only potential power and will become powerful when action is applied. The evidence of these six steps are in the results.