Loving Intentionally 

Loving Intentionally: Live to Love and be Loved will guide you through your own personal discovery of love. The exercises and guided practice in this book will illuminate your spirit and help you discover the love that already exists within you. This book is a practical guide for self-love and loving everyone and everything you encounter. Reflection and affirmation exercises will guide you through the process of loving intentionally.   


Transforming your life is an ongoing process and this book is designed to be your companion as you embark on a continual process of transformation and breakthrough. This book is designed to empower you with the tools needed to discover your purpose and live intentionally. The tools are only potential power and will become powerful when action is applied. 



Living Intentionally is the result of implementing the six step transformation process outlined in this book. Following the steps outlined will motivate readers to take responsibility for their lives, stop blaming others, and stop making excuses for their present circumstances. The goal of this book is to help readers experience the joy of living intentionally...


Podcast Interview

Dr. Bonnie Aaron is a life-long learner with a formal education in educational‪#‎leadership‬. Her most recent education was her transformational journey triggered by‪#‎tragedy‬ which led to a self-love breakthrough. Her experiences are shared in her books ‪#‎Living‬ Intentionally and Loving Intentionally.


The tragedy happened to my daughter Tiffany, but affected me tremendously.  During Tiffany’s traumatic experience, other crises also altered my life. For instance, I was in the middle of building a new home and just began duties as a first-time school superintendent. I enrolled in a doctoral program and traveled to a different city nearly every Saturday for three years. 

Dr. Bonnie Aaron inspires others to overcome adversity so they can transform their lives, live intentionally, and live purposefully. Her ability to rise above the personal and familial tragedies that seemed to pile up, one on top of another, led her to challenge herself to adapt her approach, stop making excuses, and stop being a victim of tragedy. Her presentation is not just inspiring; it is life-changing. Anyone who has suffered from the challenges life often throws at most of us will benefit from hearing Dr. Aaron’s speech and presentation
— Marcia S. (Ryan) Ball, Ed. Spec.
Phenomenal job Bonnie Aaron!!
As emotionally exhausting it was to put all your heartbreaking experiences and lessons learned into a public presentation for others to hear...I sure do appreciate it and thank you very much! Hopefully, other’s hearts were touched and may feel a little more empowered in coping or dealing with their own challenges, addictions, or whatever their mountains might be.
— Michelle Stufflebean, Tipton Community Prayer Breakfast