How's your New Year's Resolution coming along?

How is your New Year’s Resolution coming along? What resolution? Don’t worry if you have already forgotten about your resolution because you may be among the majority of Americans who forgot about their resolution before February 1st.  The good news is, according to the “fresh start effect,” you can start your New Year’s Resolution today!

With February being a new month you can get off to a fresh start. The beginning of a new month creates a new mental accounting period. In other words you are putting January behind you and getting a second chance to start your resolution in February.

As you jump start your resolution where you left off in January, take time to reflect on why you may have lost focus on your goals. One way to maintain your F.O.C.U.S. (follow one course until success) on your goal is to write it down and make sure it’s in a location you will see on a regular basis. This accountability piece is essential to staying focused and following through with the action steps to your goals.

Journaling is another mental reminder to keep your goals on a more conscientious level. Jotting down your progress is a constant reminder of where you have been and what you need to do next to accomplish your goal. After the first week of journaling you will discover the amazing power of being able to maintain focus on your goal. Practicing this simple approach will improve memory and prevent you from forgetting about your resolution. The reason writing improves your memory is because you are using another one of your senses to supply vital input for keeping your goal in the forefront of your mind.

Research shows the more senses activated, the brain responds much more powerfully increasing your natural ability to remember. The writing process refines your thinking so you can organize your thoughts and write them in logical steps. Writing down what action steps you completed during the day helps develop your mental process for planning what comes next. Put into place external reminders of what actions steps come next.

Some external reminders can be as simple as scheduling reminders on your phone or as complicated as using a project management tool. Another external reminder can be an accountability partner. Work out a plan with someone whom you can take turns with being each other’s accountability coach. Together you and your partner can achieve your 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.