Living Intentionally: A Six-step Transformation

Step One: Discover Your Purpose

You will be surprised to find the answers you seek to life’s questions are found in your own mind through studying, searching, and pondering and revealed in the form of a plan, idea, or inspiration.

At first your purpose may be hard to express or articulate in thought or in writing. The first step in identifying your purpose is to create a written purpose statement that will help sort out your priorities in life. Before you tackle your purpose statement, answer the following questions tohelp you begin to think about your purpose:

What do you think about most often?

What occupies your time?

Why do you get up in the morning?

What do you desire more than anything? 

Now that you have begun to think, complete the following exercise:

Next, make a list what you want to accomplish in your life (personally, spiritually, and professionally):






Ponder your answers and  the next post I will guide you through writing your own Purpose Statement.